Never Forgetting Those Who Died In The Line Of Duty

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Thank you for joining us in a wonderful mission to serve children, honor our fallen firefighters, share history, and encourage our Kansas Firefighters in maintaining and improving their health and fitness.

This year we want to give Kansas firefighters an opportunity to honor a fallen firefighter from their community.

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Pictured are Firefighter, Bill Gibbs, his family, and widow of Lieutenant Bryon Johnson, Ariana Davis.

The day of this shoot for the 2014 calendar was also “the first time the gear had been taken out of its box since his passing.” It was both tough and touching for all of us present that day. With Ariana’s help, Bill was able to honor his firefighter brother who also served for Sedgwick County Fire Department in a unique way and we are privileged to share that moment with you.

Below is a letter that went out September 24, 2013:

September 24th, 2007 is a significant date in our Department’s history:

On that day, a driver of a tractor-trailer rig disregarded and drove around detour signs ending up at a closed bridge.

The truck had to turn around because of the construction, and in doing so, struck a utility pole causing a live wire

carrying 7200 Volts to fall, igniting a grass fire.

Shortly before 14:00 hours, Lieutenant Bryon (Bubba) W. Johnson responded from Station 34 to that fire. He was

extinguishing the fire with a hand line off the squad when he made contact with the live wire that was roughly the

width of the line at the bottom of this page. Our own crews along with personnel from Sedgwick County EMS and

EagleMed worked feverishly to revive Bryon, but sadly he did not survive his injuries. The cause of death was listed

as electrocution.

Lt. Johnson was 32 years old and left behind a wife and two young sons. Many people on our department knew

Bubba well. He was a hard worker who had a great sense of humor. Everyone who worked with him for any amount

of time has a “Bubba” story. I have a few myself, as Bubba was on my crew the day I received my Lieutenant’s badge.

I encourage our newer members of the fire department to seek out those stories.

We honor those that came before us in many ways, but those that have made the ultimate sacrifice deserve much

more. Please take a moment to remember Sedgwick County Fire District 1 Lt. Bryon (Bubba) W. Johnson for his

dedication and service.


Deputy Chief Craig A. Leu

Sedgwick County Fire District 1

The Kansas Firefighters Museum invites you to take a moment to remember the fallen firefighters in our state and

wishes to thank you for joining us in our efforts to provide “Coats For Kids.”

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